Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hey everyone! I know it has been like forever since I posted something for you all and I am really sorry about that. I have been extremely busy with school, the kids, and working on a book I am writing. I really haven't had much time for PSP in months. I will try to get back around to it as soon as I can and will try to get some more stuff up for you all soon. My son was in the hospital last week due to an infection that we later found out was MRSA. He has made a full recovery for now but it can flare up at any time so we have to watch him carefully. He is only 5 and is very much a boy. So he gets cuts a lot. Call me a scared momma after seeing him with all those IVs. We were there 4 days and he had to have a new IV twice for a total of 3 not to mention the one they blew when first putting one in. The poor kid is scared to pieces of doctors now. Our A/C went out the week before that and a few days before that George's laptop bit the dust. It has just been a rough couple of months. I will try to get something up for y'all in the next few weeks. Thanks for staying loyal and messaging me to see where I have been. I really appreciate you all!

Warm Regards,